Mining Instructions

Skein: ccminer.exe -a skein -o stratum+tcp:// -u {Unitus-Address} -p x

Argon2d: unitus-cpuminer.exe -a argon2d -o stratum+tcp:// -u {Unitus-Address} -p x

Payouts are made as blocks mature, less a 1% pool fee, balances are cleared when above 10 UIS. Non-UIS coins are exchanged for UIS and then paid out.

Skein Miner @ NVidia - ccminer or AMD - cgminer
Lyra2re2 Miner @ NVidia - ccminer or AMD - sgminer
Argon2d & Yescrypt Miners @ Pre-built optimised binaries for Windows x64 or GitHub Source

Please ensure you use a valid Unitus address as your username. Failure to do so will ensure you get NO payout.


Worker Coin Algo 15-min Hashrate Invalid Shares Share Difficulty Estimated Block Reward Unpaid Balance

Blocks Found (Previous 6 Hours)

Coin Algorithm Block Time & Date Reward Difficulty Finder Luck Status Paid Out